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Commercial Waste Management Newark

Newark, also known as Newark-on-Trent which is located on the banks of the Trent River, is a lovely town rich in history. In many ways, Newark’s unique personality has been influenced by the ruins of Newark Castle. There is evidence of a fortress presence on the site since 1068, though the remaining remnants date from the early 12th century. Overlooking Newark’s market place is its Georgian Town Hall. Newark County Showground, where six annual antique fairs are held each year, has become a destination for antique hunters worldwide. At the 4,000 stalls of the fair, more than 30,000 people search for bargains every year.

This market town, situated just off the A1 not only does it prides itself in its history but also boasts a famed shopping experience. At Buttermarket, you can shop indoors and find some of the most well-known high-street brands. This old and scenic town attracts a lot of activities, from the well-known high street brands to the Newark Air Museum and the National Haulocast Centre as well a large number of people flocking to the antique fairs. Though this is excellent for this towson’s economic growth, it also brings forth waste issues. As such, businesses are required by law and their Duty of Care to have their waste managed by a registered and licensed waste company such as Mansfield Waste Management. We have been in the business for over three decades so we have a wealth of experience when it comes to waste management. For a free quote, we can be reached at 01623 240 310.  We also offer free wheelie bins and a free waste audit to make things that much easier for you.

Commercial Waste Collection Newark

As one of the most affordable and reliable rubbish collection companies in Nottinghamshire, we are highly regarded in Newark. We have waste management professionals all over the country available to help with whatever your organisation needs. Don’t hesitate to call right now for more information! There are many companies in Newark that depend on waste removal to operate seamlessly. Clinical or spa businesses in Stodman Street as well as mechanics at the Northern Road Industrial Estate can take advantage of Mansfield Waste Management’s complete waste management solutions. Through a thorough waste audit, it is possible for a solution to be tailored to the needs of each company.

We strive to reduce your company’s carbon footprint while saving you money and reducing waste as much as possible. We can collect and dispose through recycling anything from food waste to cardboard or paper waste. We can help you save time and money with our waste collection services, while significantly reducing the amount of waste your organisation contributes to landfill sites. Call us today at 01623 240 310.

Commercial Waste Disposal Newark

Previously, waste was collected and transported to a landfill. However, because of the negative impact landfills have on our environment, this should only be used as a last resort nowadays. Not only are landfills running out of space, but the products that are left there might take hundreds of years to disintegrate, emitting dangerous gases in the process. So instead we advocate for recycling which is a process that makes new products out of wasted products. For example, plastic turns into a plastic bag or a plastic bottle and glass is made into a new glass product. 

It is your duty to ensure that your commercial waste is properly disposed of if you run a business or company. Your responsibilities include:

  • Taking steps to reduce the waste you produce.
  • Segregating your waste.
  • Avoiding illegal dumping.
  • Making sure your waste is stored securely.

Since our services are only available to businesses in Newark, residents can contact the following facility:

Newark Recycling Centre

Brunel Drive, 




NG24 2EG,

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