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Dry Waste Mansfield

Are you looking for a waste management service to take care of all your dry waste needs? If so, Mansfield Waste Management is here to help.

Within our fleet of vehicles we operate REL and FEL multi-lift trucks. We also use a 2nd REL vehicle which is specially dedicated to recycling waste like paper, cardboard, cans, plastics etc. What this means is that our clients can visually differentiate between which kind of waste is being collected and at what time. Our vehicles are additionally fitted with GPS Tracking Devices helping to maximise efficiency and boost customer service.

Efficacy and external responsibility are just two of our core considerations as a business. To ensure we can empty several large containers in one ‘run’ we manage multi-lift FEL or REL vehicles that are effective at emptying in situ, helping us to reduce transportation costs, the environmental impact of waste collections as well as the overall carbon footprint.

Each multi-lift vehicle is fitted with load cells, enabling skips to be weighed in situ. The weight is printed onto the Waste Transfer Note, a copy of which is left on site. This provides you exact documentation showing clearly how much waste is being generated by your company. All waste data is provided as standard on your own monthly waste report.

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