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Food Waste Mansfield

We are experience waste management experts and can help your business deal with all of its food waste requirements.

Our food waste collection service is available via a 240 litre container or for bigger volumes we can offer a bespoke service to suit you.We can also offer kitchen caddies (free of charge) or biodegradable bags (little added price) for loose waste materials.

Anaerobic digestion
To place your mind at rest, we guarantee that we recycle all your food waste.
We’re now expanding our network of anaerobic digestion plants that break down the food waste creating a biogas. This gas is then used to generate electricity and heat for the local community and companies.

Food and organic waste covers the following:

Industrial waste (e.g. from agricultural and food processing factories)
Garden waste (e.g. from grass clipping and hedge trimmings)
Spoiled food (e.g. fruit and vegetables beyond sell date)
Kitchen waste (e.g. potato peelings)
Waste food (e.g. leftovers in restaurants and canteens)
Our wide-ranging infrastructure and anaerobic digestion facilities mean your food waste becomes a resource creating gas for electricity generation, designed to save you cash.

Food Waste Mansfield

Food Waste Recycling
Did you know? Over a year the average family throws away 680 worth of food, enough to cover an average yearly utility statement.

A huge amount of food gets thrown away every year, 8.3 million tonnes of it in fact from families alone! And that is not mentioning companies! Most of it ends up in landfill sites where it rots and releases methane that is extremely damaging to the environment. Throwing away food is additionally a huge waste of carbon should you add up the CO2 price of the water and packaging used up in its creation, transportation and storage and saved it, it’d be just like requiring 25% of the cars in the UK off the street.

Pressure is being put on companies and homes to divert food waste towards recycling or renewable energy. Mansfield Waste Management can supply a complete food waste segregated collection service. Food waste that we accumulate is directed to either a fully permitted in-vessel composting or anerobic digestion facility where it is used to produce a soil improver merchandise to PAS100 standard and recover energy.

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