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We can assist you with a one-time waste collection or a managed waste collection service on a regular basis. We provide you with a customized and cost-effective end-to-end solution that meets your schedule and budget while maintaining the highest level of human and environmental safety compliance. Contact us on  01623 240 310.

Our wheelie bins, in conjunction with our compactor equipment, make waste disposal simple and efficient. We evaluate our clients’ waste and offer the most appropriate disposal technique based on the contents. We educate our clients on compliance, ensuring that they are aware of the rules that govern the disposal of their waste, protecting them from fines or legal action as a result of illegal dumping or fly-tipping.

What is General Waste?

General waste, often known as residual waste, is non-recyclable waste from businesses and households. Non-recyclable plastics, polythene, certain packaging, and kitchen waste are among the materials included.

This waste has always been disposed of in landfills, and some general waste is still disposed of in this manner. However, technological advancements have created a number of new options for dealing with general waste that can ensure that value – usually in the form of energy – is recovered. Medical waste, chemicals, and hazardous materials are not included in general waste.

What Happens To General Waste?

The most prevalent type of waste generated by businesses is general waste, which is disposed of in landfills in large quantities. A landfill is a location where rubbish is transported and buried beneath the ground. However, because we’ve been using these locations for so long, they’re now overflowing and stacking up above ground level.

However, with the help of contemporary technology, we can dispose of ordinary waste in a variety of ways. For example, we can convert some of it into energy by burning it into a gas, or we can recover important elements to transform into fuel using a solid-recovery technique. Below are a few steps on what happens with general waste:


We collect your general waste from your premises at an agreed time. We’ll then send them to the advanced recovery centres where they will be converted to something useful like a source of energy or alternatively, they can be sent to engineered landfill sites.

At these centres, the general waste is incinerated at temperatures of above 1000°C. This produces a gas that is funnelled into a boiler, which heats water to produce steam, which then drives a turbine to generate electricity. Furthermore, the ash left behind after the cremation process is frequently utilised in the construction industry.


At the recycling centres, your general waste will be screened to separate non-organic items. Any plastic, paper, and metals will be separated by hand and through various mechanical processes to ensure that all of these waste materials are removed.


The finished product can be used to rehabilitate mining sites, pavements, and buildings, as well as hold moisture and critical minerals in the soil and improve plant development.

Why Should You Hire A Waste Management Company For Your General Waste?

In order to better protect your business, it is recommended that you hire a waste management company to collect your general waste. If you need a new bin, we can provide you with it, will collect it at a time that’s convenient for you, and will verify compliance with UK government duty of care waste rules.

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