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Mansfield Waste Collections

At Mansfield Waste Management, we can offer you bespoke waste collection services to meet the needs of your business. Whatever type of waste you are looking to dispose of, we can help. Just call our team today for a free quote on our services.

With our variety of specialist vehicles and waste gear including wheelie bins, skips, rear end loaders,roll-on roll-off containers and bulk haulage, we collect all waste types and recyclates leaving clients free to concentrate on their core business activities.

Our committed team of staff can guide you and tailor the best and appropriate option to meet your individual company needs.

Our waste and recyclate collection services comprise:

Refuse sack collections for small volumes
Wheelie bins (360 — 1100 cubic litres)
Skips&rear end loaders
Roll-on roll-off containers& tipper service for bigger volumes
Catch lorry service&liquid tankers
Artic bulkers & walking floor trailers (includes steel and aluminium cans)

Waste Audit
Why not take advantage of over 40 years expertise in the waste management sector and our understanding of present legislative requirements for businesses?

We will execute a full audit of your waste generating procedures and help you in fulfilling your customers’ and your own landfill diversion targets by identifying opportunities for waste minimisation, waste recycling and waste re use.

More than this, we will execute a completely integrated waste management audit and organize for the supply of the most appropriate waste collection techniques to minimise your costs for transportation and removal. This may be a full range of open or shut dumpsters, compactor dumpsters or right through to 120 cubic metre articulated walking flooring vehicles.

To Mansfield Waste Management, recycling waste is a resource, not an issue.

We will divert as much of your waste as possible from landfill normally reaching 100%.

We do this by either source separation or separation within our specialist facilities of an entire variety of waste types and by processing wastes that will otherwise be consigned to landfill into refuse derived fuel (RDF).

RDF is used by leading energy users as a fossil fuel replacement (in certain instances up to 90%) and wastes that are processed to generate RDF can justifiably be classed as ‘recycled’.

Local Waste Management Recycling is happy to provide customers and our customers customers with an ‘Audit Trail’ to exhibit the processing and destination of wastes.

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